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How You Can Easily Upgrade your Home with Great Looking Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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This article about outdoor light fixtures is sponsored by Lighting Design.

Finding a new way to highlight your outdoor space is a great home improvement project. Entryway lighting sets a great first impression, while spotlights and other fixtures can illuminate a porch or backyard at night. Lighting up your outdoor space can lead to intimate moments shared with friends and family in the fresh air while keeping your home safe and full of life.

Whether it’s lighting to set a mood or for more utilitarian purposes like a motion sensor light in front of the garage, there are a lot of different ways to upgrade your home with outdoor lighting. Read on for more ideas on how to get started! Finding the right outdoor lighting is easier than you think. Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose the right style

String Lights - Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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There are many different designs, looks, and lighting functions that can complement your home. Think about the general style of your home — is it more traditional, modern, or rustic? Are you drawn to more minimalistic designs, or do you like fixtures that are a little more ornate? What colors and shapes do you like, and what kind of space do you have available on the outside?

Outdoor lights should do more than simply illuminate an area. Lighting is like jewelry for the home and enhances the beauty of your property. String lights are a great way to highlight a focal point, and hanging lights can transform an otherwise unused area into an outdoor living space, leading to more hours spent outside enjoying the weather.

Spending some time brainstorming outdoor lighting ideas, creating mood boards, or outlining sketches with measurements will go a long way in your investment. Your lights should not only be practical but beautiful as well, and reflect your own personality and style.

2. Light up more frequently used areas

Lighting Design - Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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Think about what place outside of your home needs the most lighting. Do you want to spend more time eating in your outdoor dining space, or do you have a front porch that’s under-utilized? Maybe you even have an outdoor shed where you spend late nights working on projects that could use a floodlight. There are also lighting fixtures that brighten up the numbers of your home address, making it easier to find for people visiting for the first time.

Before you place your order, be sure to measure your space including your entryway door. In general, outdoor sconces should hang at eye level, and hanging lights should be hung where the bottom is at least 6-inches above the door. Read more about how to measure your space for outdoor lighting.

3. Consider energy usage

Outdoor Lighting Ideas - Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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There are many considerations to keep in mind with your light use including local neighborhood ordinances, ADA compatibility, energy efficiency, and dark sky lighting. Now there are more lighting options than ever that have a lower imprint on your energy usage. LEDs, motion sensor lights, and timers can all help you conserve energy while still providing the perfect amount of illumination outside.

LEDs and intuitive controls account for daylight or times of vacancy and generate huge energy savings. Some lights can be controlled with an app, allowing you to control the light level, color temperature, and scheduling.

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