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Do You Need a Warranty for Your Computer? How An Extend Computer Warranty Might (or Might Not) Save You Headaches Down the Road

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You have warranties for all sorts of things in your life. Anything from your car, your house, separate appliances, but what about your computer? Most devices these days include some kind of warranty. These can be fairly short term like a 1-year warranty included. What about after that? Here’s what to look for in an extended computer warranty, and why or why not an extended warranty is right for you.

What Does a Typical Computer Warranty Look Like?

Extended Warranty - Computer Warranty

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A warranty is great especially when you get a new computer. Most companies will give you a one year warranty on manufacturer defects, parts, and labor. But that warranty can often fall short after it ends. This is why an extended warranty might be more useful to those who are going to look at keeping their devices a little bit longer.

Why Are Extended Warranties Worthwhile?

Computer Repair - Computer Warranty

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While standard warranties that come with devices can be useful, adding a more in-depth warranty can be extremely helpful if you have problems after several years of owning a computer. The problem is usually the price though. Manufacturers and third-party providers both provide different extended warranty plans.

Pricing Out Extended Warranties

Computer Warranty - Laptop

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It’s best to do some price comparisons before signing up for any though because they can be vastly different. Some companies can just offer better options. For example, PC Laptops actually offers lifetime parts and labor warranty on all of their models of computers. All at no cost to you.

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