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If You Are Getting On the Road to Check out the Incredible Sites in Utah Here are 6 Places Off The Beaten Path You Need to Check Out

Photo: Dean Swensen

The following article about places in Utah that are off the beaten path is presented by your Utah Honda Dealers and the 2021 Honda Ridgeline.

Whether you are traveling north, south, east, or west Utah is home to some really amazing hidden gems that you might not expect. So if you are hitting the road to experience the incredible places Utah has to offer, why not make a couple of stops along the way? Here are 6 places in Utah that are off the beaten path but are definitely worth visiting.

The Creamery

The Creamery - Cheese - Off the beaten path

Photo: Adobe Stock

This place is an absolute treat. The creamery in Beaver Utah is a great stop to make if you are heading down south. If you are into cheese and ice cream then this is the place for you! The creamery’s cheese is some of the best in the state. They feature anything from classic cheddar to their salsa cheddar and green onion cheeses. While you are there, check out their Creamery Kitchen where you can get their featured cheeses on grilled cheese sandwiches, mac & cheese, and even pizza! And don’t forget to try their signature cheese curds DEEP FRIED!

Orderville Mine Rock Shop

Rock - Rock Shop - Orderville Mine Rock Shop

Photo: Adobe Stock

You might be familiar with Orderville if you’ve gone to Zion National Park and entered from the east entrance, or if you’ve driven to Lake Powell. But the Orderville Mine Rock Shop shop is literally a hidden gem. Or gems. That’s because they have rocks there that you’ve probably never seen before, and might never see again. This is an incredible stop just to see something new, or if you are a die hard rock fan with a shopping list!

Historic Wendover Airfield Museum

Off the Beaten Path in Utah - Wendover Airport

Photo: Adobe Stock

Just outside of the glitzy main drag of Wendover is a place that is actually a huge part of American history. The Wendover airport used to be a military facility. In fact, in WWII the Wendover airport base was the last stop of the Enola Gay before it departed for its fateful mission. The plane carried and dropped the first atomic bomb with the code name “Little Boy” at Hiroshima. Later, the airport was used in scenes in the Movie Con-Air. The plane used in the movie is even still there as part of the historic museum now located there. Some small planes still fly out of the airport today.

Porter Rockwell’s Cabin

Porter Rockwell cabin - Off the Beaten Path

Photo: Charles Roscoe Savage, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If you know the history of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith you are probably familiar with the name Porter Rockwell. Rockwell was the bodyguard to both men when each of them led the Church of Christ, or later the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Rockwell’s reputation preceded him. 13 years before his death, he constructed a cabin to live in near Cherry Creek, Utah. Years later after his death, there was heavy wear on the cabin due to the elements. It was taken to Eureka, UT where it was restored and re-constructed. And you can see it today!

Bear Lake Raspberry Shake


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It really doesn’t matter if you go to LaBeau’s, Zipz, Hometown Drive-In, or any of the local shake places. You are going to get one of the best raspberry shakes of your life. That’s because Bear Lake is famous for raspberries. And they really are some of the best raspberries around. Once you have a shake in hand, head to the shore of Bear Lake, and take a dip in the incredible Caribbean of the Rockies.

Sinclair Station

Where is the Sinclair Station Utah - Off the Beaten Path

Photo: Sloan Schrage

The historical service station in Elberta, UT is a favorite of photographers and motorcycle riders alike. This station is still owned by the original family that built it back in 1917. The building was originally built for the Dividend, UT community, but after the Tintic Mine closed in 1947, people left the area taking entire houses and structures with them. This is one of those structures. If you are ever in the area, the Historic Sinclair station is definitely worth a stop and a quick picture.

The Best Off the Beaten Path Adventures….

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