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Wednesday’s Child: Nathaniel Loves Movies – And He’s Ready For A Forever Family

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – There are lots of things that 15-year-old Nathaniel loves, but above all else it’s McDonald’s french fries and DVDs.

Nathaniel is one of many children living in foster care in Utah. He’s been with his current foster family for more than 5 years, where he’s amassed an impressive collection of DVDs. His foster mother says he’s non-verbal and finds comfort in watching movies – but that doesn’t stop him from communicating.

“I just talk to him, and he doesn’t reply back but he’ll tell me signs,” says Daisy Kolo. “He’ll tell me if he wants to eat or if he wants a story.”

Nathaniel has lived in foster care for most of his life. His youth connections advocate with Raise the Future says he needs a family that can be there for him full time.

“He has a lot of outside supports that he attends,” says Daphne Morris, youth connections advocate at Raise the Future. “He has programs he goes to on a regular basis. It takes a lot of people to help take care of him.”

Nathaniel loves to be outside; he especially loves to swing. He also loves to travel and visited Fiji and Tonga with his current foster family.

“Shorts, barefoot, that’s what we do, no socks, he loved it” says Kolo.

Kolo says Nathaniel has been a wonderful addition to her family, and she hopes he can find that same love in a forever family of his own.

“He needs a family that will give him time and love,” says Kolo. “Of course love is the first most, but time and patience. To be able to get to know him, watch him, and help him.”

For more information, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to 

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