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High 5: Crossing Guard’s Kind Gesture Brightens Community

EDEN, Utah – It doesn’t take a big effort to make a huge difference in the community. Sometimes, it’s the small and simple things that truly have a great impact.

Come rain, snow, sleet and wind, the residents of Eden can count on Verl Creager. In April, he’s celebrating his 11th year on the job.

He’s the school crossing guard at Valley Elementary School. Many don’t know his name, but they know who he is because of a simple gesture.

He makes sure to wave at every car that passes by.

Crossing Guard Verl Creager makes sure to wave at every car, every day. (KSL TV)

“I think people kind of like it because I get smiles out of just about everyone,” Creager said. “I’m still waving.”

It’s something he does with a smile for everyone who passes.

“We love it,” said mom Jessica Chambers. “We always look forward to waving to him every morning. He waves every single time we drive by.”

Creager has nine children and 34 grandchildren of his own. His life is sown into the Ogden Valley, and he opens his heart to everyone who lives there.

“It makes me feel good,” he said. “It really does. Because I know and I can tell a lot of them, the way they smile and wave, it helps out.”

Addison and Emery Hayes go to Valley Elementary School, and they hear firsthand what the students say about Creager.

They also happen to be his granddaughters.

The two said their classmates refer to their grandpa as “the nicest man they’ve ever met.”

The online community seems to agree.

An area Facebook page had nothing but praise and appreciation for Creager and his simple but effective acknowledgment of the drivers passing by.

Crossing Guard Verl Creager makes sure to wave at every car, every day. (KSL TV)

“He brightens up my morning, every day,” wrote Janet Wampler. “(He’s) always smiling, always waving. He’s a joy.”

Katrina Harris-Hammond wrote: “One particular day was hard for me, but when he smiled and waved, it brought me joy.”

“Sometimes they’re not having too good a day,” Creager said. “And they get a smile and a wave. It helps out.”

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a coworker giving selflessly? Click here to nominate them for a KSL High 5. 

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