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Top Places Germs Lurk In Your Home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Many of us choose this time of year to do some spring cleaning. Though most of us have become quite aware of cleanliness habits over the last year because of the pandemic, some places are easily forgotten when disinfecting our homes.

Dirt and germs can lurk anywhere, but some of the dirtiest areas are ones most of us don’t usually think about when cleaning. Those places are in the most contaminated room in most homes — the kitchen.

The kitchen is where we prepare food and where every family member gathers, and we touch everything. So naturally, it’s an area where germs spread quickly.

The three top dirtiest places in our kitchen are:

  • Kitchen sink and faucet — food from dishes rinsed or soaking in the sink can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Rather than just rinsing out your sink with water, use a cleaner once a day on your sink and faucet. And don’t forget those dirty sponges and rags.
  • Salt and pepper shakers — We touch the salt and pepper shakers without a second thought, both when cooking and eating. Always wash your hands before and after using seasonings while cooking. When you wipe off your table after eating, wipe off your salt and pepper shakers too.
  • Refrigerator and microwave door handles — Think about how many times that handle is touched every day and by probably everyone in the house. Consider wiping down the door handles every time you clean the table, along with the salt and pepper shakers.

Something all these areas have in common is that everyone in the family frequently touches them. Go through the rest of your house thinking about places that can collect germs. Consider areas often used like light switches, door handles, computer boards, the TV remote and toilet handles.

Wiping down these areas often with a bleach or alcohol wipe will help. But remember, the very best way to prevent the spread of germs is frequent hand washing.

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