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125 Utahns Walk 100 Miles To Raise Awareness For Suicide

TOOELE, Utah — A group of 125 Utahns walked 100 miles as part of the 5th annual suicide walk hosted by the Life’s Worth Living Foundation.

The walk started at Tooele City Hall early Friday morning, with participants reaching the final destination in Wendover Saturday afternoon.

Guest speakers included three-time Olympian and Silver medalist Bill Schuffenhauer, who attempted suicide back in 2016.

He said he realized he would make an even bigger impact if he shared his story of not only being an Olympian, but a survivor as well.

“As a retired Olympian, a big six foot, 265 pound man, we don’t typically talk about these situations or reach out for help. We’re not really taught, growing up, to be vulnerable,” he said. “I realized I have a great story of becoming an Olympian — going from the streets to the Olympics. I’ve been able to share that story with millions of people around the world and impact lives, but I realized how much more important it is with this story, by being vulnerable, how many more people I can help out with that.”

The event’s organizer told KSL-TV, suicide hits home for so many Utahns and it’s time to end the stigma associated with it.

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