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Wednesday’s Child: 7-Year-Old Chelsea Waiting For The Perfect Family

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – This week’s Wednesday Child is 7-year-old Chelsea who is as sweet as can be, but she needs a family that can meet her needs.

Chelsea loves her babies. She loves to clean them, dress them and brush their teeth. It wasn’t long ago that someone was caring for her in this way.

“Originally she had a feeding tube and couldn’t take in anything orally, completely nonverbal — she’s really blossomed in the past couple of months,” said Sarah Larson, a caseworker at the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.

Chelsea has lived in foster care for about 18 months.

Her parents made the decision to seek help, a decision that Larson said was made with love.

“Her parents have some significant medical and mental health needs that they ultimately determined they were unable to care for her long term, so they made the difficult and loving decision that she would be better served with a family that could meet her needs,” Larson said.

Chelsea is autistic and nonverbal, so she needs a calm environment and a family that is willing to go at her pace.

“She needs somebody with a lot of patience, that is willing to take the time to sit with her and listen, cuddle and love her,” Larson said.

This past year Chelsea started to learn sign language, which is helping her to become more independent each day.

Larson said, “She’s eating now, loves candy and trying new foods.”

During our visit, we learned Chelsea’s favorite food is Jell-O. Give this little one a fork or a spoon and she’s good to go.

Chelsea is a sweet girl who is full of curiosity and love. What she needs now is a family and somewhere to call home.

“It is going to be challenging some days but she is absolutely worth it,” Larson added.

Chelsea loves to cuddle and her wonderful foster mother told KSL she loves to be hugged. She also loves to be outdoors and be with animals.

Chelsea has come so far and now she needs a family to continue her journey with.

For more information about Chelsea call 801-265-0444 or go to

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