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Protecting your business
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Protecting Your Business from a Disaster | How You Can Keep Your Business Safe and Running Through the Unknown

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This article about protecting your business is sponsored by Les Olson Company. Your Office Technology Partner and Local IT Managed Service Provider. 

As the saying goes: better a fence at the top of the cliff than an ambulance at the bottom!

Most businesses fail to come to terms with the fact that disaster lurks at every corner. This has nothing to do with the level of success you’ve acquired. In fact, the more successful your business is, the more danger you are in.

A healthy amount of paranoia is actually beneficial for an entrepreneur. Knowing the proverbial enemies that you are protecting your business from is only sensible.

So here are the two biggest culprits and how to protect your assets against them.

Environmental Hazards

Protecting Your Business

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Whether it’s your own home or an office building, every business has a base. Awareness of your environment is a key aspect of business protection.

Perhaps you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes or hurricanes. Even extreme weather can be a challenge for some workspaces. Even if you are not in an area where these conditions may be common, a shrewd entrepreneur expects the unexpected!

For instance, you don’t have to live in an environmentally volatile area to suffer an electrical fire or burst pipes.

In all of these instances and the like, a generous amount of forward-thinking and preventive action can go a long way.

When it comes to disaster prevention, never skimp on your insurance policy. Make sure that you stay attentive to the weather forecast well ahead of time. Create a clear evacuation plan for you and your employers. Make sure your data has a strong off-site data backup system in place well before disaster strikes.

When it comes to internal fire hazards or flooding, regularly inspect the condition and operation of electrical equipment and plumbing  weekly if possible. Keep electrical equipment and devices off the ground to avoid any potential flood damage.

Invest in a good smoke and hazard detection system. If possible, perform an electrical shutdown if your office building is left unattended.

Human Error

Human Error - Protecting Your Business

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A lot of disasters, including some of the above-mentioned scenarios, can be down to ourselves or one of our employers. A shrewd entrepreneur is not naive to human nature.

They know that deliberate or accidental damage can be caused by even the people closest to them. Aside from general neglect, such as unpaid bills, or damaged or lost equipment, you could also become a victim of fraud or theft.

For accidental hazards, regular training and communications with your employees are vital.

Find ways to automate operations that may be susceptible to human miscalculations. There are many programs now that can do jobs far better than humans, don’t stay stuck in the past.

For deliberate human error, putting a sturdy cybersecurity system within the building and on your data is the wisest course to protect your assets.

Again, a strong data backup is indispensable to modern business. With regular security and backup ritual, you can ensure that human error is one less monster lurking under your desk.

Protecting Your Business Is an Attitude

Protect Your Business

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The fact of the matter is; detailing every possible disaster prevention method is impossible. For example, 4 years ago, who would have predicted a global pandemic and the permanent effects it had on the way we now work?

Protecting your business has more to do with your values than your techniques. If you are alert to the trap of complacency in business, you will always ensure that you will adapt to whatever the world throws at you.

In the end, you can only hope for the best by being prepared for the worst!

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