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Utah Gas Price Surge Not Related To Hacked Pipeline

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Many Utahns have noticed the price of gasoline has gone up across the state, so the KSL Investigators looked into the surge. 

People on the east coast have panicked over gas shortages for several days after hackers shut down a pipeline.

Prices rose to around $4 per gallon, but it doesn’t appear to be much cheaper in Utah. 

According to data AAA shared with the KSL Investigators, the current average in Utah is $3.355 for a gallon of regular gas. That’s up from Thursday, $3.340, which was up from the previous week, $3.274, which was up from April, $3.161.

All of it was way up from 2020, when the price of regular averaged $1.990.

Aldo Vasquez with AAA Utah said it has nothing to do with the hacked pipeline.

“All of this, it just boils down to that there was an increase in demand,” he said. “The vaccination program is being very successful. States are easing their travel restrictions and people are getting out there. That’s the main determinant that is causing these gas prices to rise.” 

While the prices increased from a year ago, they are actually pretty normal for this time of year – in a year when the country is not largely shut down.

“When people are saying, ‘Well, why was gas so cheap last year – under $2,’ you have to put it into context.” Vasquez said. “Last year, nobody was driving — people were staying home, kids were learning from home, people were working from home, and so, there wasn’t that demand for gasoline.” 

AAA said gas prices were expected to increase as Memorial Day approaches. 

As for what the prices will look like for the rest of the summer, time will tell, but AAA said it will be fairly close to normal.

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