Daniella Rivera

Daniella Rivera is an investigative journalist with a passion for serving the public through seeking and reporting truth. She joined the KSL team in September 2021.

The number of Utah kids and teens dying by gunfire hit a record high in 2020

The state hit a devastating milestone in 2020, recording the highest-ever number of shooting deaths among Utahns 18 and younger.
4 months ago

Tracking Transparency: Why prison surveillance videos are rarely released to the public

Since this investigation aired last night, we've heard from some of you wondering why the state is withholding these videos from the public. Here's some of the transparency issues.
5 months ago

‘They’re all in imminent danger’: Video shows violence after Utah prison allowed gangs to mingle

Corrections officials say they're doing all they can to keep the people in their custody safe, and policies at the new prison will help. Families of those on the inside say it's not enough.
5 months ago

Utah AG’s Office reveals pornography was found on former attorney’s work computer two years ago

The KSL Investigators have learned a Utah lawyer accused of possessing and producing child pornography previously resigned from Utah AG’s Office after pornography was found on his work computer.
5 months ago

Citing ‘serious concerns,’ judge drops drug test results from state custody case

A ruling in a family court case could have implications across Utah. The KSL Investigators first reported on doubts about the accuracy of court-ordered drug tests. Now, a judge has thrown out the results in one case.
5 months ago

Man who claimed self-defense sentenced for stabbing his ‘best friend’ to death in 2019

In June, a jury convicted Jesse Bruce of murdering his friend and roommate back in 2019. As he faced a judge to learn his sentence Wednesday, Bruce continued to claim he acted in self-defense.
5 months ago

Doubt over the accuracy of court-ordered drug tests could have widespread implications for Utahns

A Utah County family is challenging the results of court-ordered drug tests which could keep them from having custody of their children.
5 months ago

KSL Investigates: How is Utah’s new self-defense law impacting justice?

Is a new Utah self-defense law improving our justice system or leading to unintended consequences? The KSL Investigators analyzed a full year of cases.
6 months ago

Utah abortion laws unclear on reporting, verification process for sexual assault victims

Utah abortion bans require law enforcement and physicians to work together to help victims of sexual assault who are seeking abortion care, but KSL Investigators found the state has not established a uniform process to ensure that happens.
7 months ago

Utah placed limits on police use of spy tech; Do they go far enough?  

For months, the KSL Investigators have been asking questions about spy technology law enforcement uses but doesn’t want to talk about. What exactly does the high-tech tool do, and what happens to your information if it gets caught up in a digital dragnet?
7 months ago

‘It was hastily passed’: Medical, legal experts raise concerns about Utah’s abortion trigger law

Senate Bill 174, passed by the Utah Legislature in 2020, was crafted, in part, to send a message. Now, medical and legal experts are sounding alarm bells about how it will work in practice.
8 months ago

Utah Senate candidate accused of violating protective order

Prosecutors said Wednesday that Republican State Senate candidate Brandon Beckham violated a court order by emailing the woman he is charged with sexually abusing.
8 months ago

‘Who else could it be happening to?’: Utah family discovers caseworker’s report riddled with inaccuracies

Utah's Division of Child and Family Services is tasked with keeping children in difficult situations safe. But a Utah man says a report DCFS filed regarding his family is riddled with inaccuracies. That's why he reached out to the KSL Investigators.
8 months ago

Courtroom audio sheds light on case at the heart of Utah County controversy

A public spat between elected officials in Utah County has drawn new attention to a 2012 child sexual abuse case that never went to trial. Now, the KSL Investigators have obtained courtroom audio recordings that provide insight as to why the charges were dropped.
8 months ago

Prosecuting sex crimes: Utah County attorney touts improvement, but current backlog unclear

The Utah County Attorney’s Office released new data Friday showing prosecution rates for cases involving sexual violence.
8 months ago

Many Utah schools weren’t built with security threats in mind, but renovations are costly

In one Utah school district, some security-related construction projects have fallen behind schedule.
9 months ago

Tracking Transparency: Why some Utah lawmakers use private email accounts for government business

Are Utah’s lawmakers skirting transparency? The KSL Investigators surveyed legislators to find out why some prefer to use private accounts and devices to do public business.
9 months ago

Tracking similarities in transgender sports bans across the country

Proposals banning transgender students from girls’ sports have surfaced in most states in the last two years, and 15 are now law. Many bear a striking resemblance. KSL Investigators analyzed similarities between those bills and explored the influence of outside organizations.
10 months ago

Prosecutors seek to appeal ruling to dismiss case under new Utah self-defense law

Online court records show prosecutors followed a judge’s suggestion to appeal his decision to dismiss a felony firearms case last month. The judge said Utah’s new self-defense law "tied" his hands
10 months ago

Man accused of assaulting Black Lives Matter protesters claims self-defense

A Provo man accused of threatening and assaulting Black Lives Matter protesters in West Valley City in 2020 is seeking to have the charges against him thrown out under a new self-defense law.
10 months ago

Man who fired ‘warning’ shots headed to trial, despite claim of self-defense

A woman was left permanently paralyzed after a man allegedly fired ‘warning’ shots at two fleeing vehicles in July 2020. He claims he acted in self-defense and sought to have the case dismissed before trial under Utah’s new self-defense law.
10 months ago

Documents reveal financial fallout of Salt Lake City IT security breach

Records obtained by the KSL Investigators reveal the financial fallout of what Salt Lake City officials call a security breach. A former city IT employee is facing felony charges related to the incident.
10 months ago

Planning to vote in the primary election? How a new Utah law impacts party affiliation

Republican lawmakers aimed to stop "party raiding" with an earlier party registration deadline. The KSL Investigators looked at the data to see if that’s actually happening.
11 months ago

Utah allowed rival gangs to mingle in prison; families say violence followed

The Utah Department of Corrections began allowing rival gangs to mingle after an outside group recommended changes to how inmates are housed. Critics say the result has been dangerous. But was the decision backed by data?
11 months ago