Dan Spindle

Biologist says Great Salt Lake’s ecosystem is near collapse

A biology professor said the Great Salt Lake’s ecosystem is dangerously close to collapsing, creating a risk for all of Utah.
7 months ago

The Rise and fall of the Great Saltair: The search for Utah’s lost world class lakefront resort

At one point, the Great Salt Lake was home to a lakefront resort bringing in big crowds, including celebrities and U.S. Presidents. KSL's Dan Spindle looks into the rise and fall of that resort and how it ties into our efforts to save the precious resource.
7 months ago

‘Dust Lake City’ disaster looming as Utah professor fights to save the Great Salt Lake

It's clear how much the Great Salt Lake has shrunk over the years. But there is something in the air that's not so clear. KSL's Dan Spindle reveals the threats newly exposed dust and minerals at the lake pose to millions along the Wasatch Front.
8 months ago

AAA Gas calculator shows cost for your holiday road trip

Millions of Americans are planning to travel this Independence Day weekend despite record-high gas prices.
9 months ago

Positively 50+: Refreshing your driving skills, learning new ways to handle Utah’s often difficult traffic

The rules of the road change all the time, as does the technology automakers stuff in our cars. Even our senses and reflexes are not immune from change as we pass the half-century mark. So, for Positively 50+, here's how we can stay on top of our driving game.
10 months ago

Local designers create tool to help Utahns design a new state flag

Local designers want Utahns to get involved in the creative process - no artistic ability necessary.
1 year ago

Utah’s Arches to require timed tickets as visitation swells

Arches National Park, famed for its otherworldly sandstone arches, will require visitors to get timed entry tickets during its high season next year, the second Utah park to implement such a system as visitation swells.
1 year ago

How To Avoid Giving To Scammers During Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the biggest hurdles of giving to people in need during the coronavirus pandemic is making sure your donation goes to those who legitimately need it, while keeping it out of the preying hands of crooks.
3 years ago

Utah Housing Market Good For Buyers & Sellers Despite Pandemic

Even considering the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, the laws of supply and demand were in full swing in Utah for the housing market.
3 years ago

5 Top Graduation Gifts For Your Senior

Even though Graduation Day won't look like it usually does this year due to the coronavirus, there are still ways to make the day special for your senior. One way is through graduation gifts. KSL did some digging to create a list of five trending gift options. 
3 years ago