Peter Rosen

Pandemic puts cornhole on the rise

The pandemic has changed life in many ways – it's changed where we work, how we socialize and communicate. It's also partly responsible for turning a tailgating mainstay into a professional sport.
6 months ago

Salem teenager using a T-shirt and a message to connect people impacted by suicide

A Salem teenager is connecting with other teens who’ve been impacted by anxiety, depression, and suicide - with a T-shirt.
7 months ago

Layton man built his home to be an highly energy-efficient house

Layton contractor built his own home like "a giant Yeti cooler” to help with energy-saving and cut costs.
7 months ago

Girls (and other gender identities) Rock!

This summer, some kids are going to camp to paddle canoes and explore the outdoors. 15-year-old Saerichai Baker-Rajsavong, who also goes by the names Jedi and Arson, is learning how to rock a bass line.
8 months ago

Utah’s Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital celebrates 100 years of treating kids

Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital is used to celebrating kids’ birthdays, but this year the staff there is saying ‘happy birthday’ to the hospital itself.
9 months ago

Utah celebrates Juneteenth as state holiday

As Utah celebrates its newest state holiday, we talked to Juneteenth Festival and Holiday Committee director, Betty Sawyer,
9 months ago

For two Utahns and millions of fans, it’s definitely a laughing matter

Every day, thousands of people from across the globe turn to two Utahns for a laugh, but they’re not comedians — one is a yoga instructor and the other is a middle school teacher. They make people laugh by laughing themselves.
10 months ago

Why a greenhouse gas sounds like an oboe

You can’t hear the carbon dioxide that quietly collects in our atmosphere and heats up the earth, but if you could, it might, University of Utah assistant music professor Elisabeth Curbelo said, sound like an oboe.
10 months ago

Visualizing the Conversation about Mental Health

Southern Utah University art student Lauryn Batista wants to talk about scribbles. That’s how she visualizes the anxiety and depression she’s dealt with for the past few years.
10 months ago

Meet the editor-in-chief of ‘Kid News’

Mei, 7, wanted a job when she was 4, so her mom guided her to write her own news stories under "Kid News."
11 months ago

‘Seems like a no-brainer’: Utah woman donates kidney to friend through national registry

Not long ago, if you wanted to donate a kidney to a loved one, the odds were usually against you. You likely weren’t the right match. Now, thanks to the power of large numbers and algorithms and the National Kidney Registry, that doesn’t matter anymore.
11 months ago

Using comedy during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic is no laughing matter, unless your job is to make it one. But even comics are sick and tired and say they're done with pandemic humor. Except that they're not.
1 year ago

Logan Artist Creates Drive-Through Art Exhibit During Pandemic

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned there are lots of things that you can do without ever leaving your car – shop, get take-out, get a coronavirus test, and even appreciate art. Logan artist Michael Bingham, in order to safely show his work, opened a drive-through art exhibit.
3 years ago

A Summer With Or Without Camp?

Schools were closed for the rest of the year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the question now is, what about summer camps? Many camps said they don’t have the answer yet. 
3 years ago