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  • ‘Talking Cold’ Explores Issues Raised In COLD Podcast

    When Dave Cawley decided to tell the story of what happened to Joyce Yost 36 years ago in the podcast COLD Season 2, he knew it would present very different challenges than he faced when he told the story of Susan Powell in the first season.
  • The COLD Podcast Returns: Where Is Joyce Yost?

    More than 35 years after a Utah woman was attacked, assaulted and then vanished, KSL's COLD podcast cracks open the case files to find out how prosecutors were able to convict a man for her murder – even though her body was never found.
  • COLD Season 2 Announced: Justice For Joyce Yost

    The team behind "COLD: Susan Powell Case Files," a hit podcast hosted by investigative reporter Dave Cawley, announced Wednesday its topic for season two: the murder of Joyce Yost, whose body remains missing.