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  • Are Fetal Cell Lines Used In The COVID-19 Vaccine? KSL Investigates

    In an ongoing series on COVID-19 misconceptions, the KSL Investigators separate fact from fiction. What’s in the vaccines? Brittany Glas digs into the ethical background of these drugs.
  • Experts Say Fast-Tracking Vaccine Doesn’t Mean It’s Less Safe

    Health officials said local hospitals have been preparing for months to administer a COVID-19 vaccine. While some said this the hope they've been waiting for, others are hesitant. 
  • FILE (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    KSL Investigates 3 COVID-19 Myths & Misconceptions

    It's been a year since the novel coronavirus first started making global news, and nine months since much of the country went into lockdowns, quarantines and isolation. It's no secret a lot of ideas and misconceptions are out there. The KSL Investigators have looked into some of the more prevalent ones. 
  • KSL Investigates: Does A Rushed Vaccine Make It Less Safe?

    Many have expressed worry that a COVID-19 vaccine may not be safe since it was developed much faster than other vaccines. KSL Investigator Brittany Glas breaks down the rush and how it might compare to previous vaccines.
  • KSL Investigates: Are COVID-19 Deaths In Utah Inflated?

    Are deaths being reported as COVID-caused, even if that’s not actually the case? The KSL Investigators look at the facts vs. fiction in claims around coronavirus deaths.
  • KSL Investigates: No, Flu Is Not Worse Than COVID-19

    With lots of information about COVID-19 floating around social media, the KSL Investigators look to separate the facts from COVID misconceptions, including the question, “Is the flu really worse than COVID-19?"