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  • Utah Security Guard Contracts Lacked Written Orders

    A KSL Investigation has found multiple security guard contracts held by the Utah Department of Administrative Services did not include written post orders for the guards posted to the sites.
  • Contaminated Canyons: Vital Watershed Threatened By Irresponsible Visitors

    Thousands flock to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon in the summer for its pristine beauty and recreational opportunities, but many don't realize the canyons are a vital watershed and disregard for basic rules — no dogs, no swimming — can have major health impacts.
  • Your Dog Protects You, But Does the Law Protect Your Dog?

    If a dog bites someone in Utah, regardless of the circumstances, the dog owner is responsible. The KSL Investigators found the law may be outdated.
  • Three Tech Experts Share How They Monitor Their Own Kids Online

    Every parent uses a different technique to monitor their children's online activity. KSL went to the pros to find out what they do with their own children.
  • KSL Investigators Find Lack of Transparency in Government Inspections of Nail Salons

    After a Davis County woman contracted an infection from a pedicure, the KSL Investigators learned most nail salons are only inspected after a complaint is filed, and reports on those inspections can be difficult to track down. Here are ideas to help you choose a salon.
  • KSL Investigators Compare Popular Brands Of Dog Food

    Does the cost of dog food we buy at the supermarket make a difference in our dog's health? The KSL Investigators tested five popular brands, in a range of price points, for nutritional quality.
  • KSL Investigators put family pets to the home security test

    If you’re a dog owner, you’ve likely wondered how your canine would react to an intruder breaking into your home. Will they bark, bite or lick the crook to death? KSL Investigator Mike Headrick put on some padded clothing to put about a dozen family dogs to the test.
  • Consumers cry foul as Utah company falls short

    Would-be business owners across the country found hope when they stumbled upon Utah-based American West Commerce online. The company promised funding and credit repair for prospective customers. They couldn’t have known the company would end up in hot water with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection for failing to deliver on promised services.
  • KSL Investigates: Do you know these newlyweds? We’ve got photos they paid for, but never got

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A few weeks ago, the KSL Investigators tracked down a Utah wedding photographer with a history of taking people’s money and not doing his job. As a result, some of the newlyweds never got their photos from that day. The story managed to get one couple their photographs after a […]