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  • Building homes may construct new future for Salt Lake City’s homeless

    Kevin Cressall and Daniel Pitts spent most of the last year homeless.  Thanks to a new Salt Lake City pilot program at the Salt Lake Community College, however, they now have the construction skills to build a home, and a roof over their heads. 
  • Utah Lake State Park closure to remove decades of trouble for boaters

    PROVO — The gate is locked and the sign reads “closed” at Utah Lake State Park. The park’s closure is necessary to provide construction crews room to clear decades of silt buildup in the marina. Over the next several weeks, crews will remove than 56,000-cubic-yards of silt from the marina. “It is piling up in […]
  • Verizon thanks Utah first responders in Super Bowl ad

    Verizon gave a big salute to America’s first responders in a Super Bowl ad, and some of Salt Lake County’s finest are appreciative. The spot included a life-saving rescue with Salt Lake County volunteers who overcame several challenges to save a woman who fell 80 feet while hiking. “We do this because we want to. […]
  • Cell phone helps Utah County deputies track down stolen truck

    UTAH COUNTY—Nevada Hunter had hunted deer, elk, mountain lions and bears, but he’d never been in a situation where he had to hunt down a stolen truck. That was until Monday afternoon, when his uncle’s Ford F-150 vanished in an instant outside his home in Spanish Fork. “I could hear yelling outside, so I come […]
  • Dow Jones sees largest single-day drop, financial expert emphasizes context

    SALT LAKE CITY – As the Dow Jones Industrial average saw its biggest single-day drop Monday, Feb. 5, a financial expert in Salt Lake City said the best course of action is to stay calm. The Dow Jones Industrial closed Monday afternoon down 1,175 points. It had been down as much as 1,500 through the […]