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  • Sarah Frei Gives Emotional Interview About Losing Legs In Crash

    Project Recovery podcast host Casey Scott sat down with Sarah Frei, the young woman who lost both of her legs in a crash caused by a drunk driver.
  • Addiction Through A Daughter’s Eyes: How Teen’s Letter Impacted Casey Scott

    Addiction is a family disease. It doesn't just affect the individual struggling, but everyone who loves them. Former KSL-TV feature reporter Casey Scott took that message to heart after reading a paper written by his 16-year-old daughter, Preslee.
  • promote safe prescription drug use

    Helpful ways to promote safe prescription drug use with Know Your Script

    SALT LAKE CITY — Between 2017-2020, Intermountain Healthcare has been successful in reducing opioids by 9.5 million fewer pills and reducing benzodiazepine and opioid co-prescribing by 49%. All the while, finding ways to promote safe prescription drug use for Utahns within our state. According to Kim Compagni, AVP Pain Management Services at Intermountain Healthcare, we […]
  • physically dependent on opioids

    Helpful ways to avoid becoming physically dependent on opioids

    SALT LAKE CITY — Clinical studies have shown that a person taking opioids can become physically dependent on opioids in just seven days. Now more than ever we need to educate ourselves on the dangers of opioids. Furthermore, we need to look at alternative ways to approach pain management. According to Dr. Jon Benfield, DO […]
  • health care workers

    COVID-19 is endangering the mental health of half our health care workers

    SALT LAKE CITY — A new study shows that more than half of health care workers are susceptible to mental health problems due to COVID-19. The study, led by the University of Utah Health, surveyed over 500 health care workers in the Mountain West area. Out of those surveyed, %56 reported at least one mental […]
  • drug abuse

    Utahn tells her story of overcoming drug abuse and finding light in the darkness

    After dealing with years of childhood trauma, one Utahn is telling her story of drug abuse and finding light in the darkness. Sarah Brock recently joined the Project Recovery podcast to tell her story of overcoming her drug abuse. Introduction to alcohol at a young age When Sarah was younger, she always knew her family […]
  • alcohol abuse

    Utahn recalls how early childhood trauma led her to years of alcohol abuse

    Alcohol abuse can stem from many different issues that we all face on any given day but for one Utahn — it began after she was sexually abused as a child. Tara Rees joined the Project Recovery podcast to recall how early childhood abuse and trauma created the groundwork for a life-altering alcohol addiction. The […]
  • recovery center

    One Utahn’s journey from addict to CEO of a Utah recovery center

    Many who struggle with substance abuse often find it almost impossible to live a life of sobriety. One Utahn is opening up about his journey from being an addict to becoming the CEO of a prestigious Utah recovery center. Tyson Dixon, CEO of the Renaissance Ranch recovery center in Utah, joined the Project Recovery podcast […]
  • New Year's resolution

    Why your New Year’s resolution might be doing more harm than good

    The new year can be the start of so many new opportunities for Utahns. It’s also the time for New Year’s resolution — for better and worse. Dr. Matt Woolley, a licensed psychologist for the University of Utah, spoke about the unrealistic expectations that come with a New Year’s resolution on the Project Recovery podcast. […]
  • positive change

    How to use 2020 as an opportunity to make a positive change in your life

    2020 brought so many ups and downs but it also gave us the opportunity to make a positive change. Dr. Matt Woolley, a Clinical psychologist for the University of Utah and cohost of the ‘Project Recovery’ podcast, recently spoke about the importance of using the impact of the pandemic as motivation to change for the […]