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  • gratitude

    How writing a gratitude letter can help us get closer to the ones we love

    The holiday season is in full swing and many turn to gratitude to help overcome the stress and anxiety that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. Dr. Matt Woolley, a Clinical psychologist for the University of Utah and cohost of the ‘Project Recovery’ podcast, recently spoke about gratitude and how we can use it to get […]
  • playing video games

    Can playing video games be good for your mental health?

    LONDON (AP) — Time spent playing video games can be good for mental health, according to a new study by researchers at Oxford University. The finding comes as video game sales this year have boomed as more people are stuck at home because of the pandemic and many countries have once again imposed limits on public life. […]
  • holiday stress

    Five ways to help cope with holiday stress during a pandemic

    The pandemic has taken its toll on many throughout the state as cases in Utah continue to hit record levels. Whether it’s exhaustion, finances, or just not being able to be with our friends and family in person, many might start to experience a new type of holiday stress. Luckily, there are ways to help […]
  • addiction took over

    Utahn recalls chasing his dream as a professional soccer player — until addiction took over

    A Utahn who found success in collegiate soccer is coming out after addiction took over his life and almost cost him everything — including his dream of being a professional soccer player. Cord Stimpson joined the Project Recovery podcast to talk about the dangers of opioids, drug abuse, and how easy it was for his […]
  • Study: Teens who spend more time in extracurricular activities, less on screens, have better mental health

    ATLANTA (CNN) — If you’re worried about your kids’ mental health, particularly because of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing mandates, less screen time and more extracurricular activities will help, says a new study. Adolescents — especially girls — who spend more time in extracurricular activities and less than two hours of screen time after school have […]
  • social media addiction

    Five questions to ask yourself if you think you might have a social media addiction

    As the state of Utah sees record numbers in COVID-19 cases, many families are staying inside as much as possible — which has in turn led to an increase in social media addiction. According to a recent survey, over 72% of social media users admitted to increasing their usage during the pandemic. Coupled with its […]
  • self-care

    The reason why self-care is more important to our mental health than ever

    As many Utahns begin to prepare for a potential surge of increased flu and COVID-19 cases, self-care has taken a backseat. The recent COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions have affected everyone differently. One thing we do know though is that our mental health has depreciated since the pandemic started. A recent online study analyzed how the […]
  • stigma of addiction

    Why the stigma of addiction is so detrimental to recovering addicts

    For a recovering addict, sobriety and the road to recovery will look different when compared to another substance abuser. One thing that’s not different, is the stigma of addiction itself. In a study by the Research Recovery Institute, 314 individuals responded to 35 questions related to substance abuse. The participants, “overall”, feel that those who […]
  • Therapist

    Why finding the perfect therapist for your situation is so important

    More than ever we are looking for help to combat the effects of COVID-19 —both physically and mentally. That has led to many of the public to turn to the help of a therapist. On a recent episode of the Project Recovery podcast, Dr. Matt Woolley, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, spoke about the importance of […]
  • harm reduction

    Why harm reduction can be an important form of addiction recovery

    For many who struggle with addiction or substance abuse, it may seem like the options for recovery are limited. Luckily, many are finding that harm reduction can be a great alternative to the traditional steps towards recovery. Mary Jo McMillin, the Executive Director at USARA joined the Project Recovery podcast to talk about the impact […]