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  • pornography

    Utah man moves forward after years of pornography addiction

    A lack of communication coupled with a surging curiosity had led Jason Mauchley to hold on to a dark secret — he was addicted to pornography. Mauchley was 26-years-old and on the verge of celebrating one of the greatest days of his life. He was about to marry the woman he had fallen in love […]
  • Adderall

    From Adderall to “huffing” canned air; a Utah man’s journey with addiction

    Adderall addiction comes in many forms. For Spencer Nicholas though, it came in the form of a path to normalcy. “I can remember the exact day that it actually started to take effect for me … I could actually sit down and I could listen to the teacher talk. My face would be in my […]
  • drug use

    Utah man survives drug use, self-inflicted gunshot wound

    When Casey Tucker was a child, the concept of drug use was not uncommon. He grew up with a mother who allowed drugs in the household and the two of them had very little money. According to Casey, the two rarely got along, which led to violence in the household. His mother often beat him […]
  • guide

    Guide for staying on the path to recovery during the holiday events

    The holidays can be an incredibly merry time full of gifts, great food, and even better people. But it can also be a time of stress, anxiety, and depression, especially for those who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder. In order to better prepare everyone involved, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley of the […]
  • intervention

    How an intervention could save an addict in your life

    If you’ve never seen “Intervention” on A&E, you might not be aware of the lengths family members will go to get their loved ones rid of addiction. While the television show may seem very dramatic, the real-life process of an intervention is absolutely world-shaking to those involved. To try and get a better understanding of […]
  • grateful

    A guide to being grateful through the holiday season

    Being grateful during the holidays may seem like an easy notion to participate in but for many, this time of the year brings additional stress. Whether it’s financial stress, fatigue, or just general depression, the holidays can bring have the opposite effect of what they should. Especially if you aren’t able to sit down and […]
  • alcohol abuse

    Alcohol abuse leads to a new beginning for Utah man

    Surrounded by his family, Enos looked up to them. He looked for acceptance from his older brothers. So when his family thought it would be fun to see how quickly they could get 10-year-old Enos drunk, he happily obliged. Now decades later, he’s trying to piece together a life of alcohol abuse, shame, and embarrassment. […]
  • Recovery program

    Recovery program helps Utah teenager find light in darkness

    Sidnee Kassing thought her life had become unbearable after a recent fight with her parents — until they found the perfect recovery program. Growing up, friends were everything to Sidnee Kassing. In her mind, her friends were even more important than family. This desire to find comradery outside of her family often caused a rift […]
  • mindfulness

    How mindfulness can be another tool to curb addiction

    In 2017, approximately 19.7 million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder (SUD). Now, mindfulness is being considered an underrated tool in suppressing addiction, according to Dr. Matt Woolley, a clinical psychologist from the University of Utah and co-host of the ‘Project Recovery.’ In the latest episode, he details some of the ways […]
  • pornography addiction

    Pornography addiction almost destroys a Utah man’s life

    Jacob thought he could hide his pornography addiction forever. Until it started tearing away at every part of his life. “It started when I was eleven years old,” says Jacob, a now 46-year-old man, sitting in front of a microphone during a recording of the Project Recovery podcast. “I didn’t know I was in addiction […]