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  • relapse

    How relapse shapes an addict’s path to recovery

    During an addict’s journey back to living a clean lifestyle no word causes as much stress and anxiety as ‘relapse’. Keaton knows that firsthand. Keaton described his experience with relapse after being sober for ten months on the Project Recovery podcast. “I had done what I  thought I needed to do in terms of putting […]
  • opioid addiction

    Opioid addiction causes a Utah woman to spiral out of control

    Lizzy was very physically active growing up. She ran track, played soccer, ran cross country, and was a cheerleader in high school. She excelled in college and attended Weber State University’s nursing program. After her first year in the program, she met her now-husband of nine years, Brian. As she looks back now, there were […]
  • substance abuse disorder

    Substance abuse disorders no longer hiding in the shadows

    Opioid-involved overdose deaths are officially on the decline in Utah since 2017 — mostly due to the rise in resources surrounding awareness and the prevention of a substance abuse disorder. With the help of the non-profit organization, USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness), and the state-run campaign, Use Only as Directed, Utahns are becoming […]
  • substance abuse

    Substance abuse cripples a Utah woman for decades

    Substance abuse can take on many faces. Faces of fear, worry, horror, and unfortunately, bliss. Felicia Marie knows the effects of that substance abuse first hand. By the age of seven, Felicia had started smoking cigarettes, witnessed the divorce of her mom and dad, and saw how substance abuse could corrupt a family. She grew […]
  • opioid addiction

    How opioid addiction has plagued a Utah woman and her family

    Opioid addiction never hid its face from Andrea Sorensen and her family. It also never stopped her from feeling unconditional love. Even throughout the years, when the addiction began to deteriorate her family from the inside, she says always felt loved. “When I was younger growing up, [addiction] started with my dad. My dad was […]
  • Destiny Garcia joins the Project Recovery podcast to talk about her struggle with addiction.

    How Destiny Garcia went from homeless to SL County office receptionist

    A week ago, Destiny Garcia sat in her house, surrounded by a documentary film crew. The documentary features Destiny and her story of addiction. Particularly, how she was able to transcend being homeless to become the receptionist for the Salt Lake County Mayor’s office. Destiny sat there, thinking back on all of the darkness in […]
  • alcohol addiction

    Alcohol addiction seen through the eyes of a parent

    “I’m done with you.” Those were almost the last words Mike Scott ever said to his son after another fight broke out because of his son’s alcohol addiction. Hours later, Mike’s son would crash into a vehicle carrying a family of four after running a red light. That son was Casey Scott, popular broadcast personality […]
  • Rob Eastman joins the Project Recovery podcast to talk about his drug addiction.

    Drug addiction pushes Utah man to the edge of suicide

    Rob Eastman kneeled alongside a bench, taking a deep breath while overlooking the Bountiful Temple. He had just become homeless, was suffering from drug addiction, separated from his wife, and could only see his daughter, Sophie, under supervision. Rob began visualizing Sophie growing up and never knowing who he was and how he got here. […]
  • Cole Thorpe joins the Project Recovery podcast to describe his alcohol addiction.

    Alcohol addiction drives Utah man to rock bottom, but eventually, solace

    Cole Thorpe drove to a nearby park instead of driving into work for the day. This slight detour allowed him to finally understand what he was meant to do in life after suffering for years from alcohol addiction. It was so simple to him now. With every breath, he felt the stress and anxiety leave […]
  • Garrett Jonsson from 'Fight the New Drug' joins the Project Recovery podcast to talk about his addiction to pornography.

    Anti-porn speaker details his pornography addiction battle

    Garrett Jonsson stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep, and unable to hold in his secrets anymore. At that moment, he decided that it was time to tell his wife of six years his darkest secret. A pornography addiction was shaking him to his core. Garrett works as a podcast host and public speaker for […]