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  • Utah woman speaks about life after losing her husband to addiction

    A simple shoulder surgery left a Utah man addicted to opioids — an addiction would eventually take his life. Now, his wife is picking up the pieces of a shattered family. On the latest episode of ‘Project Recovery,’ Emily Smith describes her story, from falling in love to moving forward after tragedy. The start of […]
  • ‘Golden Boy’-turned-addict finds newfound life after prison

    After a softball game, Tyler Hansen was introduced to the pain reliever, Lortab, and six months later, he found himself addicted to heroin and on his way to serving a three-year prison sentence. On the latest episode of ‘Project Recovery,’ Tyler details his path into addiction, as well as his unprecedented journey to recovery. Growing […]
  • Tackling suicide prevention in Utah with Jon Gossett

    In two weeks, two people in Tooele, Utah had taken their own lives — that’s when Jon and Tracy Gossett realized they needed to do something to make a change. On the latest episode of ‘Project Recovery,’ Jon and Tracy Gossett detail their efforts in providing assistance and raising awareness for suicide prevention. Pushed past […]
  • The rise and fall of alcohol addiction with Evaun Mawyer

    Evaun Mawyer was once on top of the world and living a lavish lifestyle until alcohol addiction tore it all down. On the latest episode of ‘Project Recovery,’ Evaun details her journey from experimenting with alcohol as a child, to losing her husband and home due to her alcohol addiction. Stealing alcohol at five-years-old In […]
  • Josh Lynch joins the Project Recovery podcast with Casey Scott and Dr. Matt

    Former missionary finds hope after becoming an addict

    Josh Lynch was once a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but now he raises awareness surrounding drug and alcohol abuse after years of suffering from his addiction to heroin. On the latest episode of ‘Project Recovery,’ Josh details his journey from being raised in a Latter-day Saints household to starting […]
  • Former Pro Baseball Player from Ogden Opens Up on Road to Recovery Podcast About His Journey with Addiction

    “When you’re up and down like that, and your mood — it’s almost like you’re a different person in the morning and at practice, then at night, you’re a different person, leaning on alcohol and six Tylenol PMs,” Hawkins said. “Looking back, for sure – could I have been a much better baseball player? Absolutely.”
  • Casey Scott Reflects On Serious Mistakes, Looks To Future Of Addiction Recovery

    Popular broadcast personality Casey Scott lost his license and his on-air job at KSL TV after a DUI crash endangered another family. Now he hopes his story will help others through addiction recovery.
  • Project Recovery with Casey Scott

    Television and radio personality Casey Scott has taken the first step – he’s confronting addiction. Now what? Join Casey on his journey to being a better person, one day at a time, on Project Recovery, new from KSL Podcasts.
  • Casey Scott: ‘In that moment, I knew I needed help’

    The thing about Rock Bottom is that it isn’t the same for everyone, but everyone has one. Some fortunate people will never have to see theirs. Others will discover that their rock bottom keeps going deeper.