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Safe in Sixty

  • Safe in 60: How to prevent your car from getting stolen

    With today's Safe in 60, Lt. Robin Heiden shares simple ways you can make your car less of a target.
  • Safe in 60: Don’t be a scam victim

    Law enforcement statistics show financial crimes are occurring at a higher rate than ever before. You must take an active part in protecting your identity and financial security.
  • Safe in 60: What to expect when you call 911

    SALT LAKE CITY — The average American will have to call 911 at least once in their lifetime. There is a reason dispatchers ask the questions they do, and in what order. Because time is of the essence when you call 911, try and stay as calm as possible and listen carefully to the questions […]
  • Safe in 60: Don’t plug up the fast lane

    Did you know that there is a law in Utah against plugging up the passing lane?
  • Safe in 60: Preventing car burglaries

    Twelve people a day have their car broken into in Salt Lake City. Here is advice on how to prevent it happening to you.
  • Safe in 60: How Amber Alerts are issued in Utah

    Lt. Robin Heiden breaks down why you don't see an Amber Alert for every missing child.
  • Safe in 60: What to do in active shooter situation

    SALT LAKE CITY – Have you heard the phrase “Run, Hide, Fight”? Lt. Robin Heiden with Salt Lake City police shares advice if you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation. “Odds are you will never find yourself in an active shooter situation,” Heiden said. “But if you practice awareness and preparedness, you could […]