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Tower Butte - Antelope Point Marina
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Lake Powell and Antelope Point Marina in the Fall and Winter Might be the Perfect Weekend Adventure You Need this Year

Photo: Eric Openshaw

Antelope Point MarinaThis article about Lake Powell in the fall and winter is sponsored by Antelope Point Marina.

Lake Powell is a favorite summer destination for so many people regionally. But when the cooler temps start to move in most people slow down on taking trips to Lake Powell. And the lake, alongside Page, AZ, gets pretty quiet. But the people who aren’t venturing to the famous lake are missing out. Fall and winter are actually perfect for an awesome weekend trip to Lake Powell and to Antelope Point Marina. So here are 5 things you need to do while you are there.

Visit Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Photo: Eric Openshaw

The North section of Antelope Canyon, or Lower Antelope Canyon, can be reached by boat or kayak. Once you reach the shore, you can hike through the incredible canyon that looks like it was created with a paintbrush. There are several different sections of the canyon and there are tours you can take for each. The tours are split into 2 basic sections, the lower or northern section, and the upper or southern section.

The City of Page Rim Trail

City of Page Rim Trail - Antelope Point Marina

The City of Page Rim Trail is a 10-mile round trip loop that can either be mountain biked or walked. You can even bring pets if they are on a leash. Biking the trail is the most recommended way to take the trail. There are several places locally that you can rent bikes from. You can also take the entire trail or hop on and off at different jump points around the loop.

Relax on the Lake at Antelope Point Marina

Kayak - Antelope Point Marina

Photo: Eric Openshaw

You don’t have to rent a houseboat if you don’t want to. But renting a houseboat is really the way to get a closer experience with Lake Powell itself. That being said, swimming in the fall and winter might be a bit chilly. The lake can get pretty cold so packing swimming suits are encouraged, but you might not end up using them. You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards locally. This is a great way to go shorter distances on the lake but also to explore some of the tight and high-walled canyons that spread through the area.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend - Antelope Point Marina

Photo: Eric Openshaw

This horseshoe-shaped curve of the powerful Colorado River is one you’ve probably seen in photos many times before in your life. But it’s definitely much more impressive to see the grandeur of it in real life. To get there it’s just a 15 min drive outside of Page, AZ, so it can even be a quick stop if you are in a hurry. The parking lot is owned by the city, so there is a fee for parking there. It’s really minimal. It’s only $10 per vehicle as of this writing. It is a super easy trail, and because of that it is fairly heavily trafficked, even in the fall and winter.

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam - Antelelope point marina

Photo: Eric Openshaw

At 710 feet, Glen Canyon Dam is the 4th tallest dam in the United States. Completed in 1966 and situated in Glen Canyon, it forms Lake Powell on the Colorado River. The overlook of the dam is just 5 minutes south of the Dam itself and provides a stunning view of the massive concrete structure. The trail is a little more challenging than the Horseshoe Bend trail, but it’s only a short. There are also far fewer people who frequent the trail since the trailhead is a little more off the beaten path. It’s free to park and check out the view here.

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