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Wednesday’s Child: Active Adrian Longs To Join A ‘Nice’ Family

PARK CITY, Utah – Whether it’s riding, climbing, or jumping, being active is what 12-year-old Adrian loves most.

What better place to find that kind of adventure than Woodward Park City?

“It’s an awesome place,” says Adrian during his visit with KSL TV for his Wednesday’s Child feature.

Adrian is a kid on the go. He loves to participate in games and sports, especially football and basketball. He also loves listening to music. Adrian is the kind of kid who loves to be around people and hopes to find a family that will welcome him into their home.

“He definitely needs a very dedicated family, patient family, a family that is willing to adapt their own parenting to meet his needs,” says Brooke Bills, Adrian’s youth connections advocate with Raise the Future.

Bills has been working with Adrian for over a year. She says he has been living in foster care for more than four years now and would do well with a family that can engage in the activities he loves.

“I think Adrian needs a family that has a lot of time, can give him a lot of attention, be willing to get him involved in things that keep him busy and keep him active so that his energy is going into something productive,” she says.

When asked about the idea of adoption and the type of family he wants to belong to Adrian’s answer is simple.

“Niceness, a nice family,” he says.

During our visit we learned that Adrian loves food, especially hamburgers and pizza. He also loves cards.

“I like Pokémon!” he exclaimed.

“He loves card games,” says Bills. “Playing UNO is what we usually do on visits.”

Adrian also loves to tell jokes, and he has a fun sense of humor. Bills says he will bring so much joy to a family.

“Adrian is really sweet and thoughtful,” she says.

For more information, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to

Click here to view Adrian’s profile.

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