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Wednesday’s Child: Aiden Has A Giant Heart He Wants To Share With A Family

MURRAY, Utah – Aiden is a sweet boy with giant heart that he wants to share with a family.

The 12-year-old loves stuffed animals – especially teddy bears, so a visit to Build-a-Bear at Fashion Place Mall is a dream come true.

Choosing a bear is hard enough, but eventually Aiden found the perfect one. Bringing a bear to life is a process. It needs a sound, fluff, and of course, a heartbeat.

Most importantly, though, it needs a piece of you.

While his teddy now holds one of Aiden’s secret wishes, he has another wish that isn’t a secret: to be part of a forever family.

“Aiden is one of the sweetest kids,” said Stacy Littlewood, Aiden’s youth connections advocate with Raise the Future. “He’s so thoughtful.”

She said Aiden needs a family that is willing to work through the hard times with him, love him unconditionally, and be his biggest support.

He’s been adopted once before, only to come back into foster care.

“I know there is that feeling of rejection,” Littlewood said. “I think that’s why he attaches quickly and really hopes and wants people to love him and care about him. He wants to be a part of a family very badly.”

And he loves to be active.

“Aiden loves playing outside,” Littlewood said. “Every time I go to visit him, he’s riding on his scooter, his bike, or skateboarding around.

She said Aiden would do well with siblings. He’s been separated from two of his own.

He has resources that are already in place to help him as he grows. What he needs now – just like his teddy – is a loving family.

“He’s pretty easy going and just attaches quickly and loves hard,” Littlewood said. “I think finding somebody who will support him and guide him through this world and love him unconditionally is so important.”

To learn more about Aiden, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to 

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