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Wednesday’s Child: 15-Year-Old Neveah Loves Horses, Makeup

HERRIMAN, Utah – This week’s Wednesday’s Child is Neveah, a 15-year-old previously known as Laura.

Neveah has lived in various foster homes since she was about 10 months old. Like her new name, Neveah wants a new start.

“I would love to be adopted because I want to be in a family that would keep me, you know,” said Neveah, “I want a family that will help me with the stuff I’m going through, that would sit down and talk to me and they’re okay with me being who I am and accepting me,” she continued.

Neveah loves horses and for our KSL TV feature, we took her to GRK Farms in Herriman after an invitation from owner Gary Kehl.

“We raise Arabian horses, we breed, train, we show horses all over the country,” said Kehl.

He has been breaking champion Arabian horses since 2002 and on Neveah’s visit, he had a special surprise to show her, a baby foal that was born just hours before her arrival.

“I love horses, horses are just my thing, I was born in Tennesee and horses were just a really big thing for me,” Neveah said.

While she learned about Kehl’s champion horses, Neveah shared some of her other passions.

“Makeup, when I can’t be there with horses, makeup can inspire me to dream on,” she said. “I can do special effects makeup, natural, glamour, everything like that,” she added.

Neveah plans on graduating high school and eventually a career in cosmetology.

“I only have 2 or 3 more credits to catch up on until I’m a graduate, and I wanted to go to college for cosmetology and possibly roam the world,” she said.

Neveah would love to join a family with older siblings, and she hopes that family will support her as she stays in contact with her grandmother.

You can read more about Neveah by visiting her profile.

For more information about Neveah and the other children living in foster care featured on KSL TV, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to

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