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Olympic Gold Medalist Now Promoting Water Safety

SALT LAKE CITY – Missy Franklin Johnson, a five-time gold medalist, sat down with KSL-TV’s Shara Park and said she has no doubt that Team USA will be ready to compete despite the ups and downs of the pandemic.

“Yes, they are going to crush it. I have absolutely no doubt. Team USA athletes are some of the most resilient human beings in the world,” Franklin Johnson said. “I think this past year has been so tough, not only physically, but the mental and emotional demand of knowing that you have another year to go and put off your greatest dream for another 365 days. That’s a lot for these athletes to handle, but it’s also going to fuel their fire.”

She’s now retired and working with Team Bridgestone to promote water safety. Franklin Johnson is also expecting her first child in August and said no matter how much experience you have near the water, there is always a risk.

She said there are two things you can do this summer to help protect you and your child.

“We love telling people that swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by almost 90% … Do not underestimate the importance of swim lessons. They can be so helpful in building that comfort level around the water and teaching you that life skill, and if you are someone on the sidelines like a parent, a caregiver, a guardian, try not to be distracted, even if you think your child is very competent in the water,” Franklin Johnson said.

Another reminder from the champion — put your phone down near the water.

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