Mike Headrick

3-legged dog gives Utah boy courage to deal with rare genetic disorder

A Utah boy was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and needed to make a life-altering decision. With the help of a three-legged dog, he was able to do just that.
4 months ago

Cutting through the red tape: KSL Investigates a flying road hazard

Last summer, a manhole cover flipped into traffic on Redwood Road in South Jordan, damaging cars. After almost a year of red tape, the drivers contacted KSL Investigates.
6 months ago

A devastating crash. A drug-positive driver. Why did it take over a year for charges?

A devastating crash that severely injured a young man. A driver who tested positive for meth. But charges weren’t filed in this crash until more than a year later. The KSL Investigators wanted to know why.
7 months ago

The new tip culture: How to handle growing gratuity

You walk up to the counter, order your food, and pay. Then the moment of truth: to tip or not to tip? Maybe it’s not somewhere you used to tip before. KSL Investigates why it’s expected now, and how much Utahns are paying.
8 months ago

Locked out: Fishermen upset by new gate at Pineview Reservoir

Unlike years past, something stood in the way of the fishermen: A newly installed gate at the popular Port Ramp boat launch area.  
9 months ago

Think that security camera at the gym will help catch a crook? Think again

Your stuff gets stolen at the gym. No worries, they have security cameras you can look at, right? KSL Investigators found those cameras may be giving a false sense of security.
9 months ago

Journalists get inside look at Washington D.C. Temple after years of curiosity

For the last 50 years, thousands of people have driven by the Washington D.C. Temple every single day. And as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites everyone to "come and see" the inside of the temple, the outside is still turning heads.
9 months ago

Washington D.C. Temple open to the public for first time in nearly 50 years

Monday marked a major milestone for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in our nation’s capital as the Washington D.C. Temple prepares to open its doors to the public for the first time in nearly two generations.
9 months ago

As Washington D.C. Temple opens to public, one man ‘listens’ for peace

The Washington D.C. temple has its doors open to the public for the first time in almost 50 years.
9 months ago

Planning a move? Here’s what you need to know before you hire a broker

When you search for a moving company online, you’ll likely connect with a broker. So, what are they? And what are the benefits and risks of using one?
11 months ago

Punched. Kicked. Spit on. Assaults on the rise against Utah health care workers

Health care workers – touted as the heroes of the pandemic – have not just taken a mental beating, but a physical one.
12 months ago

Lawmakers received hundreds of emails in support of the independent redistricting commission. Why didn’t they listen?

Hundreds of emails obtained by the Deseret News and KSL Investigates team show an outpouring of disapproval from constituents to lawmakers regarding the recent, highly controversial redistricting process.
1 year ago

Dog’s death at Utah training program prompts calls for state oversight

Their dog died after two days at a training program. Now, a Utah couple says the state should set and enforce standards for the pet care industry.
1 year ago

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: Does the data support concerns about side effects?

While 71% of Utahns age 12+ have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, worries about side effects have stopped thousands from getting the shot. KSL Investigator Mike Headrick digs into the data to provide you with the best information around serious vaccine reactions.
1 year ago

Big trucks, rattled nerves: Marmalade residents at odds with late night truck traffic

Big, noisy trucks rambling through have Marmalade residents up in the night. Is it legal for certain trucks to drive through the neighborhood at all hours? KSL's Mike Headrick investigates.
1 year ago

Redistricting Data in Hand, Utah Has Short Timeline to Redraw Maps

Utah’s population data was supposed to drop in the spring. Now, Utah’s Independent Redistricting Commission has just a few months to redraw the state’s political boundaries. Mike Headrick explores the process and why your input is vital.
1 year ago

KSL Investigates ‘Unbearable’ Street Noise, Lack Of Enforcement

Ear-splitting engines have been making life miserable for some Salt Lake City residents. After the KSL Investigators started asking if all that noise is legal, police now say they’re planning to do something about it.
2 years ago

Boaters Say Fees Going Up, Quality Going Down At Pineview Reservoir

Several boaters contacted KSL, saying while the annual rate at a popular reservoir keeps going up, the quality is getting “worse and worse.” So how is the money being spent? The KSL Investigators get answers.
2 years ago

KSL Investigates: Crime On Rise, But Jail Population Slow To Return

Nearly 1,000 inmates were released from the Salt Lake County Jail during the pandemic, but the KSL Investigators found jail numbers are still low, despite rising crime. Who’s in, who’s out, and how are these releases impacting police and the communities they serve?
2 years ago

KSL Investigators Explore Change In Utah’s Death Row

The Utah Department of Corrections has quietly ended a decadeslong practice of housing Utah State Prison inmates who are under sentence of death in maximum security, allowing the majority of them to move into medium-security cell blocks.
2 years ago

KSL Investigators Goes Undercover To Check Compliance As Catalytic Converter Thefts Skyrocket

Catalytic converter thefts have spiked 600% since 2018 in Utah. It’s a two-minute crime that can cost you thousands. Is enough being done to stop it?
2 years ago

Out-of-State Plates: KSL Investigates Trucking Trend Driving Revenue To Idaho

They’re hard to miss driving on Utah’s highways: big rigs with Utah plates on the front and Idaho plates on the trailer. KSL Investigators reveal why so many trucks are jumping the border to license, and how much money Utah is losing out on.
2 years ago

KSL Investigates: Vital Tool Helping Fight Future Wildfires

Utah’s 2021 wildfire season has arrived, several weeks early. With severe drought encompassing all the state, KSL Investigators look at how past blazes are helping fire crews battle future fires.
2 years ago

New Federal Rule Opens Social Media to Debt Collectors

A federal agency has issued a new rule that would allow debt collectors to contact people not just by phone but through texts, emails, and even social media.
2 years ago