Mark Stevens


KSL Investigates: Utah’s Growing Apartment Affordability Crisis

Utah’s growing economy is great for business, but it’s creating an affordability crisis for renters. The KSL Investigators found as more people move to the region, the demand for apartments has outpaced the supply, pushing up rents faster than wages.
5 years ago

KSL Investigates: Growing number of children in gangs

The KSL Investigators spent a night with the Metro Gang Unit to get a better sense of a growing problem; gangs are recruiting more kids.
5 years ago

KSL Investigates: Outsmarting your smart TV

Smart TVs offer a host of conveniences, but those conveniences come at a significant cost to privacy.
5 years ago

How much taxpayer money are Utah cities spending on holiday parties?

SALT LAKE CITY — The National Retail Federation says on average, families will spend $900 on presents this year and maybe a little more if they’re hosting a holiday party. That got the KSL investigators wondering how much of your money pays for government workers to attend holiday parties. Records provided by 10 of the […]
5 years ago