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  • recovery

    Utah actor and producer on addiction recovery

    Thirteen years have passed since Utah actor and producer, Michael Birkeland, hit his “rock bottom” and now he’s using his past to help others start their own road to recovery. He recently joined the Project Recovery podcast to tell his story of substance abuse and how he was able to curb his addiction. From actor […]
  • Life Coach

    Utah Life Coach uses past addiction as motivation to help others

    SALT LAKE CITY — Overcoming addiction can still bring a lot of pain and anguish while on the road to recovery but one Life Coach in Utah is hoping to change that. Utah native, Rob Eastman, the owner of Eastman Fitness is using his past experiences with addiction as a motivational tool to help others […]
  • recovery program

    Ogden gym creates unique recovery program for recovering addicts

    A recovery program in Ogden is attempting to redefine the way communities look at addiction recovery. Frank Jameson, a Life Coach for School of Addiction Recovery (SOAR), joined the Project Recovery podcast to explain the steps the non-profit organization is taking to change addiction recovery. From addict to Life Coach Frank’s day starts completely different […]
  • addiction recovery

    Utah non-profit changing the way we look at addiction recovery

    Many who struggle with a substance use disorder find it hard to reach out to someone who can understand their struggle. One Utah non-profit organization is hoping to break that stigma and change the way we look at addiction recovery through unity. Evan Fields, a Peer Recovery Coach for Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness […]
  • time of crisis

    Where to turn in a time of crisis for someone struggling with addiction

    For those who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, many current events can truly lead to a time of crisis with potentially deadly outcomes. Dr. Matt Woolley, a clinical psychologist, recently spoke on the Project Recovery podcast to offer helpful ways to try and combat addiction in a pandemic. Video chats with a licensed […]
  • substance abuse awareness

    Utah motivational speaker trying to spread substance abuse awareness after addiction took everything

    A Utah motivational speaker is trying to spread substance abuse awareness after losing everything and becoming homeless due to addiction. When Jared was younger, he was always athletic. Eventually, he earned a scholarship to play football for Snow College in Ephraim, UT. By the age of 22, he was the first person in my family […]
  • harrington

    Harrington: Mental Fight To Remain Sober Lasts A Lifetime

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Former BYU running back, KSL sports anchor and current Jazz Game Night host, Alema Harrington, has been very vocal about his lifelong struggles with addiction. It’s a fight he said he expects to last for the rest of his life. The ex-football player, broadcaster and recovering addict shared insight into his […]
  • guided meditation

    How guided meditation can help ease anxiety during the pandemic

    Many employees are dealing with the most stressful times in their careers according to a recent study published by Human Resource Executive. But frequently practicing guided meditation is proving to be a helpful resource in combating increasing levels of stress. In the study, 88% of workers reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress over the past […]
  • fentanyl overdose

    Utah mother tells her story of coping after losing a daughter to a fentanyl overdose

    A mother should never have to grieve over losing a daughter from a fentanyl overdose but that’s exactly where Charla Bocchicchio found herself in 2016. Charla’s daughter, Cassidy, was no stranger to substance abuse. She suffered from multiple mental health issues and frequently sought out illegal drugs. Cassidy’s experimentation with illegal drugs saw her use […]
  • recovery after addiction

    Utah woman fighting to innovate recovery after addiction

    For many who struggle with substance abuse, the thought of relapse is always a possibility. One Utah woman is working to change the way former addicts look at recovery to help fight off the possibility of it ever happening again. Learning from her own mistakes to help others Claire Groll knows how hard the grips […]